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tisdag 16 juli 2013

To return home from Portugal

This picture is the inner court yard in April. Now it is full of flowers and absolutely peaceful.

Now it has started to sink in. We have actually done it. We bought a vineyard in Portugal. It is only the down payment that has been paid and something can still go wrong. If we decide that we don´t want to buy it we will loose our down payment. If the sellers have second thoughts about selling they will have to return the down payment times two. I really hope that nothing will go wrong.

When we traveled around in the area we saw this ocre colour on very many farms and houses. Since the farm is painted in blue and white (and many other colours on windows and doors) we decided that we wanted to put our mark on it and change to this ocre which is so beautiful. So the farm will be white as it is today but with ocre details. I think it will be sunny and nice.

The pictures below are from the beautiful Laguna de Obidos and Foz de Arelho and Sao Martinho do Porto which is only 12 kilometers from the vineyard. The first picture is from April. The beach is uncrowded and so nice. The second picture is from June but the beaches are still fairly empty.

many houses were painted in ocre and white

Foz de Arelho April 2013
Sao Martinho do Porto in June

To leave this paradise wasn´t simple and at the moment I don´t know when I will be back. Maybe I can get some time off  from work during the wine harvest. Lasse will go anyway.

When we got home from Portugal we were so busy preparing for my birthday party that we didn´t really have time to think about the vineyard so much. Now there is an emptiness in both of us. It isn´t easy to get back to work knowing that the farm will empty this winter and we cannot be there yet. We just want to get started with our new lives.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hej Åse o Lasse, Har hittat er blogg via Anneli o Hasse som jag träffade för ett par år sedan i Porto. Alltid trevligt att läsa om andra svenskar på väg till Portugal!
    Såg i deras blogg att ni hittat en käck liten verbsnurra i en butik i Göteborg. Var hittade ni den?!
    För övrigt får jag passa på att gratulera till vingården och till födelsedagen!
    Hälsningar Ulla som finns halva året i Baiao och halva året på västkusten : )

    1. Hej och tack Ulla
      Vad kul att du hittade hit.
      Vår vingård är verkligen en bit av paradiset, även en lite sliten sådan i dagsläget. Men med hårt arbete blir det nog bra.

      Verbsnurran hittade jag i English Book Corner i Göteborg. Ligger i Feskekörka. Tror de säljer på nätet också.