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måndag 4 november 2013

Nääs Castle

Once in a while, when we have the time and are in the same end of Sweden, we try to meet, A-L and I. Sometimes we meet in Goteburg because that is most strategically best place for the both of us. A-L lives in Falkenberg but works in Umea so sometimes I can catch her on her way to her job. We meet for lunch or breakfast and try to catch up on everything we have done the last couple of weeks.

This time I tried to convince A-L to meet me in Lerum. We were not going to spend time at my house but I thought that we should go somewhere else for a change. I had Nääs castle in mind and I checked on the net before to see if it was open for lunch. It was.

I met A-L at the train station in Lerum and we drove to Ljungberg`s textile fabric factory outlet. They had some nice fabrics but the prices wow! really expensive. We didn´t buy anything there i might say.
Nääs castle

After we drove to Nääs castle. It was raining outside so the walk in the castle`s park was out of the question. I didn´t have enough money for the parking so I went in to the restaurant to change but they send me to the tourist information. They couldn´t change so I got a parking ticket for free. Really good service. The tourist information was in the same building as a gift shop.

The gift shop had many beautiful items but also clothes. We both found something nice to buy. I bought a knitted poncho and A-L bought a nice pair of jeans and a top to go with them.

Now it was time for lunch. I had the pea soup and pancakes and A-L had salmon. It was ok I guess. we sat and ate and chatted away for a long time

After lunch we had a walk in the park since the rain had stopped. It was a good day to spend with your best friend.

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