torsdag 28 november 2013

Last portuguese language course and no Portugal

Yesterday was the last lesson in my Portuguese language course. I can´t really say that I have learnt that much but you cannot expect so much in 10 weeks 90 minutes/week. Lasse is missing his course tonight but his last is next week. I think he is pleased with his.

I found a good book on the net that I am trying to work with at home. I am doing about 2 hours a week. And I think it is paying off a bit since I am learning quite many new words.

It looks like there will be no signing for us this weekend. We know the papers were approved by the Cãmara in Caldas da Rainha. Then they should be registered, sent to our lawyer for inspection. THEN everything is ready for signing. How long time it will take we don´t know.

On the farm there are about 20 olives, some very old and some very young. They haven´t been cut or pruned at all I think, not for a long time so there is very little olives on them.

I saw my friends CAnnelie and Hasse in Tomar when they were harvesting their olives and I got jealous because I know they will have good olive oil the whole year. They will even be able to sell, to ME.

If you want to see when they harvest and read about it.

Now I have to hit the shower.

Until next time


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