fredag 29 november 2013

Friday morning

I will not speak about Portugal today if I don´t get any good news.

Woke about 6 am. Normal time to get up if I start at 8. It is so dark outside so it feels like in the middle of the night.  There can´t be many people up by this hour but if you open the door to the balcony you will hear the highway. It is really terrible. Even if I am in the kitchen with windows and doors closed you still hear the noise from cars, trains and tucks.I would like to live where it is quiet.

I would like two things for Christmas.

1)That the TV-channels work again. Since we switched company in June we haven´t had any service since September 1. It is not a big issue because we can watch some things we like on the computer but sometimes I miss that big screen.

2) That we can get the screw we need for the kitchen zink. As it is now we cannot use the water or the sewage system. We can run the dish washer if we put a bucket underneath the drains.

I came up with another thing i would like for Christmas, a pair of rubber boats. The ones I got has a torn in them and takes in water.

Now I have to get ready for work so see you later.


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