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fredag 22 november 2013

Friday evening

Hard work today. My Fridays are horrible. I´ve got the last two lessons of my 8th graders day. They are not very easy to teach anything then. I am absolutely soaked in sweat and exhausted by the time I get home.

Right now I am having a glass of wine and then I will cook dinner. Today pork chops with mushroom sauce is on the menu. For dessert we´re having apple tart with vanilla ice cream. A glass of wine (or two) will probably accompany the meal. By 11 pm I am probably in bed, sleeping like a baby.

Tomorrow we will continue working on the house so we can sell for a good price. The utility room is to be finished first. It is almost done. Lasse is going to build benches from oak and had bought a new zink to put in there.

I will assist him tomorrow and continue sorting junk out. I tried to find a company that could move our stuff to Portugal but haven´t been able to find anyone yet. One person told me that Portuguese moving companies are much cheaper than Swedish ones so I´m continuing exploring that.

I wish the deal is going to be off soon. In the meantime i´m pouring yet another glass of wine and wait....

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