tisdag 5 november 2013

No news=good news, right?

We haven´t heard anything about the paperwork on the farm yet. The hard thing is that you imagine all kinds of things that can go wrong. What if the sellers regret the sale. What if the cottage will not be legalized and they have to tear it down. What if...... The mind is spinning at night when I ought to be asleep.

The weekend came and went so quickly. Lasse painted the walls in the utility room. Now only has to paint the radiator, windows,doors and the pipes. The he will tile the floor, build a bench and put in some cupboards. tata done.

We did some gardening as well, raked and cut down some bushes. That garden with all its big trees is a never ending story.We are soon rid of all leaves after I don´t know how many loads.

I went riding on Pontus on Sunday. We only walked for 20 minutes because he still has to take it easy.

The dogs are home today and tomorrow because many dogs had some kind of stomach infection with diarrhea and vomiting. They have to sanitize the whole doggie kindergarden before any dogs can return.

Today I am going to mark some tests, study Portuguese and vaccuum. Of the three the Portuguese studying is the best. I think it is so much fun but we are moving too slowly. I don´t think we learn quickly enough. Well I probably get tired of it in the end but for now it is so much fun.

Keep your fingers crossed that the paperwork will be ready soon.

A vineyard with a view


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