lördag 23 november 2013

Latest news

We got a new message from the real estate agent. It seems like it is certain that the papers will be approved by the Camara= City Council and the maire on Monday. The the papers will be sent to to the Conservatorio agenand Finances. Tight tight tight with time if we are to find flights from Gothenburg to Lisbon next Saturday. The signing date is set to December 2 but the agent wanted to know if we can change the date to December 9 instead if the time is running out and we cannot find any flights.

We have a ticket December 26 so it seems a bit stupid to fly there December 9 as well but we WANT to finish this deal as soon as possible. Partly because we ant to know that the farm is ours and partly because of many people want to book. I can´t confirm anything before I am certain the place is ours. Still it is a nice problem in a way. I mean that so many people want to book and come and stay with us. :-)

Tonight it is a bit chilly outside and the dinner is in the oven. Roasted chicken, ajvar relish and veggies on the menu tonight. After dinner we are hitting the sauna. I don´t understand why we didn´t repair it before. It is such a relaxation to do.

I hoped to buy my mum a plane ticket to Portugal in February. I would pamper her a lot and drive her to all the places she wants to go. She can read, have a glass of wine and I would make dinner. That would be a lot of fun I think. Hopefully we can arrange this.

Tomorrow morning I am off to the stable to take Pontus out for a nice morning ride. I am really looking forward to that.

Have a good evening!


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