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måndag 25 november 2013

The final countdown?

Is this the day? The day when the Camara finally decides if they are going to approve the papers of the farm.

There have been two problems (so far)

1. One of the rental houses which is the one that is most rented has no building approval. This means it has to be drawn into the title deed, approved by the architect and the Engenheiro. Then approved bu the City Hall and drawn through the system.

2. The land was much bigger in real than the original drawings of the property. This has to be measured, approved by all the above and be drawn into the title deed as well.

Today is the day they are going to decide. And all we can do is wait.

This afternoon or evening or maybe tomorrow even we will know if we have to try to find a plane ticket to Saturday and fly down, transfer the rest of the money and sign.

I can´t tell you have nervous we are.

In meantime there will be a lot of work as usual. Marking papers, oiling the oak bench in the utility room, opening up under zink to see what is blocking the sewage system since the water will not go down. Another day in paradise in other words.

Have a good day to you all

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