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torsdag 7 november 2013

second hand

This weekend I will sell second hand items on Svenska Mässan= (Swedish fair in English). I have been trying to go thorough all my closets to find shoes and clothes that I don´t use anymore that I can sell. I didn´t find that much because I don´t buy so much clothes or clothes for that matter. The ones I do own I kind of need.

What I did find, a lot, was books. I now have four big bags of books and audio books. I don´t know if you can sell them but I will sure give it a try. It is good to get rid of some things before showing the house to potential buyers and moving.

I listen to audio books in my car whenever I drive. In that way I can read one at night before going to sleep AND listen to another one in my car. I normally listen to crime novels in the car because they are kind of easier to listen to whenever you get home from work all stressed up.

Tonight I will go riding Pontus again. We are still taking it easy because he is still not well in his hoof but is slowly getting better.

I am so excited for the almostcertainbooking I got. A family wanted an apartment for the whole month of June. Hooray! The there was two other families that also wanted to book but I don´t know exactly when.

Found this really pretty chicken coop. This I would like to have on the farm.

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