onsdag 30 oktober 2013

stupid me

Had the afternoon off and it is good because I have my Portuguese language course tonight. I haven´t been studying that much this week because I had planned to study all afternoon. Last time we moved so slowly forward so I thought of quitting the course. I complained, nicely, and she gave me extra work to do. Now I haven.t done all that much so I will feel ashamed tonight.

Well I have some of the papers Lasse has left behind, from his course, so I have to look in his papers instead. Maybe I will pick up something.

I was really thirsty and I normally drink water when I am. This time I had the urge for something sweet which isn´t normal at all. I was lucky that we had some elderberry lemonade in the freezer. Lasse did it last summer. I wonder if you can have one in Portugal because the lemonade you make is wonderful.

Last night I went riding and I have really been missing it. Hopefully Pontus will stay well so we can ride in the woods again. I am sure he miss it too.

Now back to my studying.

Até à próxima (Until we meet again)


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