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fredag 22 november 2013

early morning

November. The worst month of the year in my opinion. It is so dark outside and you haven´t had time to get used to it. When December arrives with all advent lights it is a bit lighter and brighter. People are putting Christmas decorations in their gardens and the streets are not pit black anymore.

The Camara in Caldas da Rainha was supposed to decide about "our" vineyard last Monday but apparently the had tp postpone that decision due to too many issues.  Next Monday they will give it another go. Hopefully they will say ok to all the alterations done in the paper work regarding the farm. Maybe we can go to Portugal November 30 to finish the deal. BUT I think it isn´t likely. Time is running out and it will be difficult finding flights.

On Sunday my daughter and boyfriend will return home after the Maldives. Then their dog Duna will go home. I will sure miss her because she is such a gentle and adorable dog. The walks will be easier though. It is hard work to walk four large dogs. I have had some reports from the Maldives that they´ve had a wonderful time there and maybe I will go there one day. The chances are really high that hose islands will disappear soon due to the climate changes.

I will keep you posted about the vineyard


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