måndag 18 november 2013



It is so boring to wait. We are waiting to finish the deal in Portugal but we haven´t heard anything for a couple of days now. Mailed the real estate agent today and asked for any kind of news but no reply yet. It must be hard on the sellers as well. they want to sell and we want to buy. Well enough of that now. In the meantime I am doing some Portuguese studying and doing a lot of reading of the Silver Coast area, from a touristic point of view.

In Sweden it´s getting darker and colder and I hope this is my last November at least for a couple of years. I will not miss this darkness.

Lasse and I were talking about blueberry jam the other day. We will not get that in Portugal. Do they have blueberries in Portugal?  Picking chanterelle mushrooms is something we also will miss.

Can you grow avocados in Portugal? Many questions and so few answers.

We have another dog at home. It is Duna Madeleine and Fredrik´s dog. They are in the Maldives at the moment and they thought we had so few dogs so we could have another one. :-) I cannot walk with the four of them but both Lars and Adam does. I walk them two and two.

If I hear anything I will tell you


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  1. Lite glada nyheter i alla fall, kantareller ska finnas här, i alla fall runt Tomar. och minns jag inte fel fanns det någon sorts blåbärsväxt på marknaden så hopp finns.

    1. Men skall det inte finnas både Karl Johan och tryffel också?


  2. Hej Åse,
    Det finns lite blåbär i norra Portugal, likaså svamp finns i skogarna båda mot Guarda och Viseu och i norra/bergstrakterna.
    Du kan plantera amerikanska blåbär http://www.plantarportugal.org/index.php/fruticultura/1172-plantar-mirtilos.html(blåbär - mirtilos på portugisiska)

    gå till Rede Social - där ser du alla distrikt som man kan bli delaktig i (och få hjälp )
    gå till Loja - där kan du se alla frön, osv som du kan köpa

    Lycka till

    1. Hej Aura
      Vad kul att kunna ha amerikanska blåbär även om de givetvis inte går upp mot de svenska hemmaplockade ;)
      Det blir en riktigt användbar sida i framtiden.