söndag 10 november 2013

new date

It has been a change of possible signing date. No the papers are still not ready regarding the farm. The first date set eas November 28 but due to Lasse is having important business meetings then the new date is December 2. Now we are only waiting for the paper work to be finished. It is and has been a long and nervous wait.

Yesterday I, Madeleine and her boyfriend Fredrik tried to sell things at the Swedish Fair ( Svenska Mässan) on a big flea market, On The Flea.

We didn´t sell that much but we are at it today as well so we hope for better luck this time. Madeleine and Fredrik mainly sold shoes and clothes and tried to sell books but books weren´t a hit to sell. I must be so off because the only things I ever buy is just that, books. Doesn´t anyone read anymore? The prices were really low so it wasn´t because of that.

I had brought information about the vineyard and there were quite many interested people who signed up for more information. It is good news.

Now I have to go and try to promote our vineyard. Wish me luck.

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