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onsdag 6 november 2013

28/11 that will be the day?

We got a mail from the real estate agent yesterday. It said that the legal take over can be November 28. If that is the case we can go down to the vineyard over Christmas being the new owners. What a Christmas gift. Well I will not jump for joy until I am there signing the papers and everything is in order.

Today it is Portuguese language course again. I must do some studying before I go. Luckily I quit my job early today so I will have the time to study this afternoon.

Doggie kindergarten is closed today as well due to the outburst of some kind of stomach infection. My son is at home so the dogs will not be alone.

The sellers wrote a mail they wanted to know what to do with some booking requests. They had a couple that always want the whole month of June. That will 4 weeks. It sounds good to us. Maybe we can pull this off. They also had other families that wanted to come. The families have rented for many years and love it so much and wanted to come back next summer. I will send them my email adress so they can forward all requests to us.

Now I am in a hurry.

Have a lovely day

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