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tisdag 26 november 2013

Good news and pizza

Yesterday was a real shitty day. First of all we didn´t get the news we wanted eg. that the papers of the farm had been approved by the Camara of Caldas da Rainha. Secondly the pipes in the zink was clogged and wouldn´t clear even if we used a type of Drano. Lasse decided to open up under and everything went fine until he was going to put everything back again. A special brass screw broke and you couldn´t find the same kind anywhere in our town.

Lasse then headed for Gothenburg to get a new one only to find out that for this type of zink there are no spare parts to buy. If the manufacturer doesn´t have it you have to replace the whole zink. He went home and we were really low. We went to bed early.

Good news today. The manufacturer had one of these special brass screws and is sending it to the reteller. AND more importantly we got positive news from Portugal. The papers have been approved and is now being processed. It means as soon as they are ready they will be sent to our lawyer so he can make the contract. So that is what we are waiting for now.

When I got home from work my son had made pizza with extra everything on. That is why I am drooling over the computer right now. The smell is incredible and I am so hungry.

Tonight is a real good night.


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