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måndag 2 september 2013


Someone complained after my last entry about me writing that autumn had arrived. For me it is summer when you can sit outside in the evenings without a warm jacket or wrapped in a blanket. Other people think it is still summer it the can wear sleeveless when walking during the day. Different opinions I guess.

Today it is autumn no one can deny that. It is cloudy or raining and 14 degrees. It was nice though walking the dogs because I found some chanterelles. I will see if I eat them for lunch or put them in the freezer.

I had a really busy day yesterday. I started out quite early with breakfast and a morning walk with the dogs. Then I had a 75 minutes yoga class at 10.15. I was really sore after the yoga. My God I am so tense in all my muscles. There is another class on Wednesday and I think I will attend that one as well. Then followed lunch, vacuum cleaning, weekly shopping. At the same time Lasse was painting one of the small bedrooms and took the dogs for a walk.

We both went to the stable and Lasse helped me out with the chores. Then I rode and Lasse took some pictures. None of them very good.


23 year-old "Nordsvensk" Pontus
In the evening we made dinner and crashed on couches. I was soooo tired.


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