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tisdag 10 september 2013

Still chaos

One small bedroom soon finished
Today the carpenter came to put in the new flooring in the living room. Then it shows that he is one package of oak boards short. I thought that we would be able to put the furniture back at the end of the week. But hopefully he will get hold on another package and finish tomorrow. Then Lasse is going to paint the windows in the living room and the wood burner will be up by Thursday. Pew!

Adam´s room is almost done. I am just going to oil the oak boards and then we are all set.

The scaffolders came today so the company that is going to paint the exterior can reach the highest points of the house which Lasse couldn´t. It is 7 meters high and he doesn´t want to paint the house standing on a ladder. I am so scared of heights so I could never do it myself so it is understandable.

I have now had over 20000 visitors on my blog and I have been neglecting it badly lately due to working on the web page and the facebook page. I think it is amazing. Who could have imagined that when I started writing. When I started the blog we had a dream that we would buy a house in Greece or Portugal in the future. Then i saw THE PLACE on the web. I we decided to go to Portugal to look at it in April. AND we loved it. So we headed back to Portugal in May to have second look and still loved it. In June we handed over the deposit and in October it will officially be ours.

The web page will hopefully be out in the middle of October IF we can get some nice pictures of the interior of the apartments and the villa. I don´t want to use the pictures that the previous owner had because they look really boring. If I have time during the week I am there I will see if I can get some nice things to "style" some of the apartments and take some nice pictures.


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