onsdag 11 september 2013

Getting closer

In 17 days Lasse is going to our farm just outside Caldas da Rainha to start learning "everything" about wine harvesting and wine making. I have to wait another week then I will go too. In the week I will be there we are going to complete the deal as well and hopefully get the keys to our "Place in the Sun".

It is going to be so exciting! I just can´t wait. Imagine the feeling when we get the keys. Then it will be ours. Ours to start planning, working and worry about. What if we are not happy there? What if we don´t learn the language? What if we become home sick and want to home again? What if don´t get any friends? What if I will miss my children too much? What if we don´t get any guests and run out of money? What if? What if?

Now when it is getting closer it is not a dream anymore but reality. Then all these worries strike you. What if?


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