fredag 27 september 2013

Portuguese language course

Both Lasse and I have started our Portuguese language courses. We don´t go on the same day which is both good and bad, I think. We were going to to go on the same day at first but that course was cancelled. We were offered to go on another course on Thursdays but I have my riding lesson every second Thursday so that was not an option for me. I found another course on Wednesdays but Lasse is normally in Stockholm then so that was not an option for him. So we ended up on different days.

I started my course last Wednesday. The lady, who was the teacher was originally from Mocambique and had been working as a teacher before. I can´t say i was very pleased with my course but Lasse was very pleased with his. His class seemed more motivated. I hope my class will pick up.

Yesterday I had my riding lesson but when i started to trot I felt that Pontus was lame (?) . So that lesson ended very quickly. Which is sad because next time, in a fortnight, I am in Portugal. I felt sorry for ol´Pontus but I hope he is better tomorrow or at last very soon.

Lasse is leaving for Portugal tomorrow and the wine harvest. I am a bit envious because i would have wanted to go as well but I could only take one week off. It seems they are starting the harvest of the red grapes on Sunday if the weather is ok and the white ones are already harvested so I am missing out on the whole harvest. Pity.

Got to go to work now. See you soon


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