söndag 29 september 2013


Our beautiful oak

In our garden we have a beautiful oak tree. It gives us shade in the summer and a lot of leaves every autumn. You cannot leave oak leaves because they contain oxalic so you cannot leave them on the lawn. You have to rake and rake and rake.

I started on my 5th sack and I don´t think it will stop until I´ve done another 35 or so. Because the leaves have only started to fall down. There is yet more to come.

You have to be really careful when you rake under this big oak. Sometimes when a small wind is blowing through the leaves projectiles of acorn will fall down and they hurt as hell.

You can clearly see where I´ve been raking

Some people say that we shall take it down because of the work and that it gives to much shade and some say that it is too beautiful to take down. I both like it and don´t really mind the raking too much but sometimes you want more sun.

Now it will be the next owner´s problem, whoever it will be. We will move and have other problems to solve.


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