måndag 23 september 2013

A small vineyard in Portugal

So we´re getting closer. Closer to our dream and our own place in the sun. This may be the last winter of snow and ice but also our last autumn of picking mushrooms in the forest. But they might have some kind of edible mushrooms in Portugal as well.

In 5 days Lasse is going to Portugal to learn about the wine harvest. The 5th of October I am going to join him there. !0th of October is set to be "the take over" day. The lawyer, the seller, the real estate agents and we are going to meet to sign the papers and  shift the rest of the money. I am so excited.

Our language course was cancelled but Lasse found another on Thursdays starting next week. He is going to miss 2 times since he will be in Portugal but hopefully he can catch up with the rest when he gets back. I found a course on Wednesdays. I cannot go on Thursdays because of my riding lessons. We have to help each other out because I think this is going to be quite hard.

I got a good idea from a friend to look into Portuguese​-Flashcards​.com You get a sentence a day and you can choose your level. Mine is very basic. 

I hope the scaffolders will come today to put the scaffolding away. It looks so messy around the house. The painters have finished their job now but Lasse did a great deal of that work.

We went out last Saturday to listen to band at Stationen Norsesund. The band was good but the food was terrible. Everything tasted sweet. I could hardly eat anything even though I was very hungry.

Today I am having my second visit at the dentist. They are going to do a small job on one tooth but I am scared as hell. Keep you fingers crossed for me today.


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