söndag 15 september 2013

Wonderful day

The day couldn´t have started better. Went to yoga class. This is the fourth time I attended for a very long time. First time I went it felt like somebody had beaten me severely with a stick all over my body. Wednesday class is much harder so that one I am just trying to do my very best, which isn´t much. I can participate in about 25% of the positions. Sunday class is softer and today it felt like I could do maybe 50%. Now after the body feels bruised but sort of happy. I think I am slowly getting a bit softer. I feel a bit sad though, which I always do after yoga. I keep thinking how much we are abusing our own bodies, or at least I am.

Now I have some time before walking the dogs and making an early dinner. Laundry time!!

The house is slowly getting back to its original self but it looks much nicer, bigger and cleaner. Paint can do a lot.

livingroom before paint and new floor

wood burner gone

wood burner back

curtains up

another angle

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