tisdag 3 september 2013

The house is chaos

It feels like everything is going to happen at same time. Today the bricklayers are going to remove our soapstone burner so the carpenters can put in a new floor. The soapstone stove weighs about half a ton kilos so it is not an easy job. I and Adam removed some of the furniture and curtains and stuff yesterday so the will have free passage while doing it. I think it will be quite messy so I better move some more things before they arrive.

Then Lasse will paint the whole ceiling, about 70m2. The walls in the living room will also be painted. He has finished painting a small bedroom upstairs but there is no flooring. He is taking the old living room oak boards and will polish and oil them to put them into the small bedroom. Puh!

The utility room is a mess with no flooring or anything on the walls. The washing machine is still in there but the dryer is standing in the small hall downstairs.

The electrician is probably coming next week to fix the lamps on the balcony, the lamps in the hallway downstairs and the unit in the sauna.

So you see I need a hotel room, preferably with a nice breakfast included.

Have a good day!

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