måndag 16 september 2013

storm and rain

When I look outside my window this morning I know one reason why we want to move south. Storm and rain. Today it is so windy and gusts of rain keep coming in. It is raining from above and from the side. There is no way you can protect yourself and keep dry when you walk the dogs for instance.

The weather report in Caldas da Rainha shows sunny and 22 degrees, much better in other words. Of course it will rain there as well. I know it  rains a lot there. That it is why it is so green and beautiful. But the season is a little longer and that´s what we want. A longer season and more promises of sun.

I am going to Gothenburg today to meet my best friend Anna-Lena. She is heading up to Umea and is stopping by in Gothenburg so we are able to meet for a breakfast. It isn´t that often that we see each other so it will be wonderful.

Yesterday I did a 75 minutes-yoga class, walked the dogs and went to the stable, rode and did the typical stable chores. Do I need to say I slept like a baby last night.

Now I have to get out in this foul weather and walk the dogs.

Write more later


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