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lördag 3 augusti 2013

your opinion please

So we bought a vineyard in Portugal. We haven´t actually closed the deal yet but are going to when we go there during the wine harvest in September and October..

The vineyard produces about 4000 liters annually and has 4 holiday apartments and a free standing cottage to let. On the premises there is a small pool and a quite run down play ground. There are about 70 fruit trees, olives, oranges, grape fruit, pear, apples, lemon and tangerine and some more.

We are going to start to renovate the apartments one at the time and also have plans for the pool area and play ground.

When we now are trying to make a home page for the vineyard and market our apartments we would like to know:

What do want to do on your holiday?

We are looking for some key words what people want to do when going on a holiday.

Thanks for your help.


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