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söndag 4 augusti 2013

What you want on our home page

Yesterday I asked what you wanted to do on your holiday and what we kind of information we should write down on our home page. I got all kind of good answers and suggestions.

If I understood correctly. You wanted:

1. To know places of interests and attractions there are in the surroundings.
2. Good restaurants near by.
3. Culture like castles and museums
4. Markets and villages
5 Maybe a section for families.
6. Sports activities
7. Beaches
8. Festivals
9. shopping
10. How to get around, buses, trains and car rentals

There are probably more interesting things that we haven´t thought about yet.

Continuing working with the home page but until it is ready you can always look at our Face Book page. You can ask questions there and I will try to answer.

Don´t forget to "like" it.


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