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måndag 12 augusti 2013

New day- new possibilities

So it is a brand new day and I am eating my breakfast in peace and quiet. Tomorrow I will start to work after a long and glorious summer. A summer that has been filled with so many exciting new discoveries. We went to Portugal for the first time in April. We started off with Lisbon, then Tomar and finished our trip by going to see the farm in Caldas da Rainha.

Our very own fountain

Ok so we fell head over heels over this farm. It had everything we were looking for.

1 Beautiful views
2 Quiet location
3 Close to all amenities-a town
4 Letting possibilities
5 Some land-vineyard
6 the price
7 A lot to see and do in the area-tourism potential

It was too good to be true. It couldn´t be real. Were we mistaken? We just had get back to see it again and so we did. In May we went back to see it again and it was as good as we remembered. Ok it is a bit run down and a lot of things to do with it but the potential!!!!!

In June we went back to pay the down payment and in October we are closing the deal. It is a dream come true and I have to pinch myself over and over again.

Today it is a new day and this day has so many possibilities. I am truly blessed because I have one more day of "freedom", before I have to get back to work. So The things I am going to do is cleaning and sorting out stuff that are going to be sold, given away and thrown away. Then we can sell our house so we can buy our place in the sun in Portugal.


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