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söndag 29 mars 2015

Time flies when you´re having fun

We had a soft and relaxed day today and we started off just having one must on the agenda, going to Santana market to pick up our new sign which will be on the wall outside Casa Limon. If it would be ok we would also order for the other three Casas as well.
This will look nice on the wall outside Casa Limon. We now Limon isn´t Portuguese but we wanted that name anyway
That was the only thing we were going to buy at the market but Lars suddenly remebered that he needed new slippers so we got a new pair for him as well. Then I wanted to go and have a look at new riding boots. I went horse back riding last Thursday and I am probably going to continue. I found a pair I really liked and at  a good price so we bought them too.
These boots are not make for walking
What if we were to buy a new lemon tree to put outside Casa Lemon now when we have the new sign and evertything. The one we planted two months ago looks a bit ill. Well we bought one of course.
New tree 7 euros
So now when Casa Lemon have its new sign and its lemon tre shouldn´t the other Casa also get something. They are named after grapes growing in our vineyard. Well wouldn+t it be nice to put a grape vine outside each so our guests can pick grapes on their patios. It will also give a nice shade. We discussed back and forth. We got them of course.
new vines
Then we were happy and done at the market and went home. Now we had some chores to do when we got home. We would plant our new vines and the lemon tree.
We came to think of our guests arriving on Wednesday. They are staying for a month. It is going to be quite warm next week so we better clean the pool and get everything ready.
pool boy Lars
Maybe it is best to take a look in Casa Periquita to see if it is something missing or that is broken. So we went there and started to count forks and spoons, checking pots and pans. We decided to put up some new pictures on the walls.

We had a sandwich and a small rest. I did some laundry and answered some mails.

After we took the dogs for a walk. When we came out one angry man waited for us. He didn´t enjoy daylight saving time because it meant he and the rest would be out later in the evening and supper would be late.
Are you coming soon. We are getting really hungry
Suit yourselves if we´re eating all your chives
Baby figs found when walking dogs

Back in the house we took the chickens in, lit a fire and bottled some limoncello that we will sell.
Limoncello, made from our own organic lemons, for sale 10 euros

We are so happy we had a day off :)


Thanks to all of you who have contacted us, sent hugs and wishes for his well being, according our old dog Herman. He seems to fine now.

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