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onsdag 11 mars 2015

Our life in three binders

Been trying to get recidencia in Portugal the last couple of weeks since we need to get into the system to be able to go to the doctor for instance. Of course you have the right to go to the hospital if there is an emergency but if you, like me, need to renew a recipe you must be listed as a resident here, or go to a private one. My recipe was issued by a specialist in Sweden and I reckon it is the same here.  So get recidencia, list ourselves to be able to go to the doctor, wait for an appointment, maybe to a specialist as well, will take some time and time is running out. Not much medicin in the cabinet at the moment..

We literally walk around to all different places, City hall, bank offices, Freguesia do Coto, Financias and back again, with our whole life in a binder. You never know what kind of information they might want or need. Names of our parents, that we are married, own a property here in Portugal, don´t own a property in Sweden, have funds, can support ourselves, own a company in Portugal, live where we live, proof of that, shoe size and much more. The last bit about the shoe size was false, sorry. But all documents must be stamped and signed. That is the most important thing, the stamps.
Our lives in there

Today we went to Caldas (again) to go to the bank to ask for a much needed document (according to the people at City Hall). The bank didn´t have a clue what kind and neither did we. "Take all you got" said Lars, "And don´t forget to stamp them" We got more papers to put in our binder.

Then we went to get our photographs taken. After that we were so tired so we went to have lunch. On the way we saw all sorts of pretty trees in full bloom.

One favourite

always good food there

pretty flowers


Now we have to measure our feet

2 kommentarer:

  1. Vi skulle gå direkt till ett apotek och fråga om man kan köpa medicinen utan recept. Det beror dessutom på om man är känd på apoteket eller inte. Ex kan vi köpa Jans ögonmedicin här utan recept. Den är receptbelagd i Sverige.

  2. Hej Anna och Jan
    Det är en bra idé men jag vet inte om den fungerar då min medicin skrivs ut av en specialist i Sverige och dessutom är stark. Men man kan ju alltid pröva.