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torsdag 5 mars 2015

sweet things

We have got a new volonteer on the farm, Christoffer. He is a former student of mine and an absolute delight to have here. He has got social skills, is trustworthy and works hard. There is only one thing that I don´t like so much about him. He doesn´t eat anything sweet. No candy, no cakes and no desserts. It makes us, who love a cake or two look unhealthy and decadent.

Hard working man
But who can travel to Portugal and resist all those lovely cakes and sweet things that the Portuguese are so good at.
We can´t resist them
Flan de pudim, my favourite
Don´t you just want them?

Look at these beauties

 Next month we have a big event coming up in Óbidos, The annual Chocolate Festival. They make all sorts of different from chocolate. We have never been since it was over by the time we moved here last year. This year it is a bit later, from mid April to May 3. So we have plenty of time to visit. I wonder how much we will buy.
From 2012
Chocolate people

Looks yummie

Oh my! I am getting hungry now.

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