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fredag 13 mars 2015

new working day and bookings

Busy day today. Our volonteers have been busy painting, cleaning walls before painting and cutting down high grass and weed and cleaned out the chicken coop. Unfortunately it has been very windy today so the fire and spraying between the vines had to be on hold for now. But there is always more days next week.
quite a difference-later it will be painted white


Christoffer painted around the old olive

always happy

didn´t do much

Lars continued painting in the small apartment, Casa Limon, and Adilson have started to plaster the high walls in the horta, veggie garden. Hopefully it will all be done in due time when the guests arrive, April 23.

We closed this door

painting around the door 

working 9-5
What did I do? Cooked three course lunch, veggie soup, bread, salmon in oven, boiled potatoes, two salads, feta cheese cream, cake and coffee. I shaved a dog, did the dishes, walked the dogs and answered mails.

maybe these will be a new batch of limoncello tomorrow
Have a good weekend

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