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tisdag 10 mars 2015

Closer to be a Portuguese and a control of the old one

As we have said before everything isn´t so easy. We have tried to be registered as Portuguese citizen the last weeks. First there were papers missing and when we got these papers in place there were more paper that was needed.

Today we went to the junta de freguesia and tried to get the last document stamped. There were more problems, first our adress was not found in the systems. When all this was sorted out the computer system broke down and we were told to get back on Thursday to get all the paper. But we are moving on and soon all the documents will be in place. Hopefully all paper work will be ready on Monday next week.
Our freguesia

After this we went to Caldas and to our vet to have a check up of the old dog, Herman. He was in good condition and will probably be running the pack for a long time. It isn´t bad considering he came to Sweden as a two year-old, Spanish rescue dog from Malaga. Then he was in Sweden for about ten years and when he turned 12 he moved to Portugal. We thought we would have to leave him in Sweden, that he would be too old to move, but when it was time for us to make the big move we thought he was in such good state that we took him along. I think Ases´s parents were a bit sad becuse they were the ones who were going to take him, but we were so happy. That would have braken our hearts to leave him. So now he is back on the Iberic Peninsula so to speak.
Lucky for you I am tied up-or else

During our work in town our volonteers had done a lot of work on the farm. We will tell more about their work during the week. Both of them are working out a lot in Sweden and you can really tell because they take every opportunity to work out even when they are working.

We also had two fires burning and Max, Micu and Richard were responsible for them. Now it´s time for us to go to school.

Have a nice evening

I am still standing

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