fredag 3 april 2015

Season of 2015 has started

Our first guests have arrived so the season have officially started. These guests are from Germany and Austria and they are also bringing a dog. Yes dogs are welcome on the farm in two of our Casas. We had our first guests, surfers, in January, but the summer season hadn´t started then of course.

We tried to make both humans and the dog feel welcome.
some wine, home made marmelad and treats for the dog

fresh organic oranges from our trees

part of garden

some treats for everybody

Lennon is helping out cleaning the pool

It is always nice when our guests arrive because they bring a lot of positive energy which gives us more energy as well. Nornally we get a lot of positive feed back as well and that is also something that gives us more strenght to make the quinta better and prettier. Everybody love they view over the rolling hills and the valley. They love our vineyard, fruit trees, all flowers and the tranquility.
rose in the garden

grape friuts

more roses

we live up there

Last summer was our first on the farm and we arrived April 13th and had our first guests April 19, which was crazy, looking back. But those guests became good friends so maybe it wasn´t so crazy after all. But it was crazy in a way because we weren´t ready to welcome guests. But we had just arrived at that point and could hardly find our way to the supermarket. We managed and little by little we are making progress. The thing is we don´t see it but friends and returning guests say they can clearly see a difference.

Now we are so looking forward to the summer season because we know more now and have done more on he farm so it look so much better both inside and outside, This will be a good summer.


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