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onsdag 18 mars 2015

Poetry evening in Sao Martinho do Porto

Here is a update regarding our school and progress in learning Portuges.

Our school in Sao Marthino had arranged a poetry evening and invited us as students the read poetry mainly from Portugal but we were also encoureged to read poems/texts from our own countries. The evening was supposed to celibrate the word from all around the world. We have students from a lot of different countrys and it was interesting to hear all different language at the same evening. It was an pleasent evening with a lot of poems and different cakes and coffie and tea,

Åse was reading two poems one portugeuse and one swedish. The Portugeuese was written by Fernando Pessoa, Nunca, por mais and the swedish was one by Evert Taube, möte i Fritjof and Carmencita, Åse was first too read and she did a very good presentation of both the poems. I was reading a poem by Manuel Alegre and it was a celibration to one of Portugals best football player ever, Eusebio. I was not so good but it felt ok

Max, Åses son was also at the poetry evening and he did one or two selfies at me and him, at the picture we are looking a little bit tough on this one don´t you think. You can also see and hear my presentation.

Have a nice evening

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