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måndag 23 mars 2015

How much can you squeeze into a SAAB?

Today we went to a large Swedish furniture company. I don´t want to mention their name. In that case I would like to get paid hahahaha.

The very large swedish furniture company is good when it comes to quality beds at a decent price. The Portuguese beds are too short for us Nordic people so they are not an option.

We had a lot of things to buy since most of the things and furniture in our rentals are dated and not so fresh. Last season we bought all new linen and towels and now we are buying some new beds and some kitchen tables and chairs.

We were going early around 9 am so we would avoid the crowds. You always have to work quickly so the dogs wouldn´t be alone for so long. This time we were lucky to have our volonteers on the farm who could look after the animals while we were gone.

Things were going quite well until we got to the bed department. The selection of beds and matresses are not at all what you would find in Sweden. It took us a while to decide which ones to get.

Lars with all our new stuff

I had to pose as well

Then the next question occured; to get a transport or not. It is quite pricey when you live 85 km away.

Lars thought that it wouldn´t be a problem to fit everything into our old SAAB. I doubted it.
Waiting for Lars

Getting everything in there

Yepp, looking good
I am in there somewhere
Lucky I wasn´t driving
We were so happy then and there that two of the matresses wasn´t available anymore. But the thought that we have to get back again, soon, is devestating.

I think I will have two glasses of our winr tonight. I need it.


2 kommentarer:

  1. Ni passerade oss på vägen till möbelvaruhuset och här står det en släpvagn på gården ;)
    Bara att höra av er om ni vill låna för framtida laster!
    Det har ju blåst som fasen här i några dygn, så idag drog make och son till golfbanan. Ingen visit av oss i dag alltså!

    Hälsningar Susanne

    1. Hej
      Tack det skall vi komma ihåg till nästa gång. Likaså om ni behöver låna ngt av oss.
      Kom när ni kan. Vi finns ju kvar. Hur går det med husköp?