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måndag 2 mars 2015

spring feeling again

Today we had a big fire going the whole day since all our wine clippings were still there. A lot of wind lately had made it impossible to light a fire at all. It is so dangerous when you have all large eucalyptus trees near by.

Our new volonteer, Christoffer, arrived yesterday and he was immediately thrown into hard labour.
Christoffer working
We were so lucky having our friends Richard and Bernard on the farm as well and they helped out the whole day.
working hard for his...lunch
our fruit tree expert, Bernard

The day started a bit wet and chilly with a light drizzle but then it became warmer and warmer and after lunch we were really sweaty and dirty. Bernard taught us a bit about the fruit trees.


plum again

peach or nectarine

At 5 pm we stopped for the day so we could take care of the dogs and the chickens. We decided to take the dogs for a nice walk in the valley and apple orchard,

pretty blue flower 


Lars and the boys

big big rosemary

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It is so beautiful out now and in the end of the week it will 20 plus something degrees outside. AND alot of sun. Can´t wait.


3 kommentarer:

  1. Pretty blue flower är vintergröna, en vintergrön marktäckare vi känner igen från Sverige och även har här i våra trakter! Vilka vackra blommande fruktträd och vad härligt att ha egna aprikoser och persikor!

    1. Åh tack! Vad man lär sig, Jag har aldrig kunnat så mycket om blommor förut och nu lär jag mig nya saker nästan varje dag.