söndag 8 mars 2015

too much?

Is this just too much for us? Lately I have been thinking if this not what we wanted after all. All this cutting, raking, sweeping, renovation projects. spraying, have fires going. I really need to get to a doctor to have my prescription renewed but never seem to have time to seek residencia and be allowed to see a doctor. We made an effort last week but there were things missing that you needed to bring.
Lars working

fixing fire wood

cutting vines

more leaves

We haven´t unpacked our things from Sweden, made a nice home for ourselves, we don´t study Portuguese. I went to a water color course but never get around to paint, or learn how to knit, read all my books or go for those long walks with our dogs.

You get on each others nerves and have small arguments about priorities. All of a sudden you look up and you remember why you moved here. Everything is worth while and you wouldn´t swop it for anything in the world. We found our place in the sun. We´re just too tired.

look up and remember why

breathtakingly beauty

more of this please

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