söndag 15 mars 2015

Santana Market

Today it is Sunday and then there is a big market-Santana. Every Sunday year round the farmers sell their veggies and fruit there. Everything is produced locally. You can also eat, buy equipment for everything you can possibly think of and new chickens.
We bought a new eucalyptus honey- 6.50/kilo

all kinds of veggies

new carrots

2 euros


cotton shirts for fathers day
We bought some things that we needed and also ordered a new sign to put outside Casa Limon. If it turns out well we will order to all apartments. Next Sunday we will collect it and order the new ones.

When we got home Max´friend Michel started to take down an ivy in the veggie garden. Max and Lars sprayed between the vines and Michel also helped me with the fire.
Michel at the fire

Max trying out star 16

In a warm and sunny garden
Our volonteers Christoffer and Peiman were off so hey decided to soak in the sun by the pool. It didn´t take long until Christoffer started o clean the pool. In a few days it will be fresh and running.
Christoffer cleaning the pool

Peiman went back and forth doing the laundry
Always a lot to do even on a Sunday. Today we will be grilling in the Barbecue House.

See you

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