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tisdag 3 mars 2015

another fire+school

It seems like our life is filled with just boring tasks like cutting, have fires going, sweeping and raking. Well that is of course true since we live on 1.6 hectares and everything grows like mad here in Portugal. It is wet with a lot of rain and humidity and the summers don´t get too hot and dry because we live on the Silver coast. The Atlantic ocean is only 10 km away.
The Atlantic Ocean

On the other hand since it is wet and humid the nature explodes this time of year which makes everything look like Eden. The abundance of flowers, the veggies that just seem to grow and grow and all the fruit trees in the area, make the landscape so beautiful.
green and beautiful even in the winter

What can be better than to be outside all day, in the sun, with friends and your loved one, working side by side? I wouldn´t swop it for anything.

Today we quit working quite early, had lunch,a short nap and went to school. As usual we hadn´t had time to study but it is getting more fun now since it is getting a bit harder. We still can follow but soon enough we just have to make more time for studying or we will start to fall behind.

Tomorrow Lars is going for a dog training course with Lennon and I will clean out Casa Torica and make the beds because my son Max and one of his friends are coming. It will be lovely to see him again even though he was here for Christmas.

I hope he will bring me my favourite candy.
winter rose
Franck put dourada on the grill

Bernard and the chickens-new patio Casa Cabernet to the left


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