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tisdag 22 oktober 2013

market in Santana

Every Sunday, Costa de Prata`s biggest market takes place in Santana, 15 km from our vineyard. This market is for the locals. There they can buy everything they need and more.
this lady sold bedding

cheap hams

here they grilled meat for bifanas, a special sandwich

fish mongler

Anders and I found a kind of donut. We had to try it of course

In the afternoon the temperatures soared up to 27 degrees and we didn´t do much more besides checking the wine, asking Bert and Coby, the current owners, a million questions.

will I eve get tired of this view?

 In the evening we grilled the douradas we had bought at the Sanatana market, in the barbecue house. Did they taste good. Yes they sure did. They were delicious. The fish and seafood are just marvellous since the big Atlantic ocean is just around the corner.

grilled dourada with organic lemons from our farm

Lasse is lighting the fire in the barbecue house
After a nice meal with some white wine from the farm we went to bed.


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