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tisdag 22 oktober 2013

feeding of the poor

This Tuesday we started with feeding of the poor. We didn´t actually feed the poor ourselves but it is a tradition in the different villages around our vineyard. I didn´t get the full picture but it goes something like this. Different villages have festas for 3-4 days (I can be mistaken here). They all celebrate different dates which is nice because there will always be a party somewhere around.

The last day of these festas they make a meal and you pay whatever you want or can afford. The people without means don´t have to pay anything.

This time it was the village of Guisado which was going to feed the poor. Guisado is a small village on the other side of the valley from our vineyard. We were going to be there at 1 pm. but when we got there it didn´t seem to have started yet and we felt very akward going in to the village hall. Let´s say we were the only foreigners there. We looked around inside but went quickly out again. Many people looked at us but some didn´t seem to notice us at all. It alla seemed a waste of time since the grills hadn´t been lit yet.

Me and Anders waiting for the food
The men are grilling

The wine barrel which we tried to empty

It´s a man´s world


munching away

the plate

This little lady could sure eat


coffee and port of course

The grill team didn´t mind us taking their picture

Anders was really happy after some wine, a good meal and a port

Mats enjoyed his food

Eventually we went back in again and sat down. All of a sudden there was a terrible rush. Everybody moved at the same time, took a glass, a plate, cutlery, salad, bread and wine (where the hell did all that come from?) Men started to bring in plenty of grilled sardines.

There were two different breads, two salads, potatoes, sardines, wine, soft drinks three different desserts, coffee and port. We ended up having a real good time and gave them some money for the meal.

After I had to go home for a siesta.


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