lördag 26 oktober 2013

Óbidos and Foz de Arelho

One day we took some time off from wine making and went to near by Óbidos. It is a extremely pretty little medieval town only 9 km from the farm. Evidence show that there has been a Roman settlement here, then the Visigoths resided here. The Moors started to build a castle and the the fortified walls in the 8th century but they were later remodelled.

the city grew outside the walls as well.

the entrance

narrow streets and alleys

A lot of tourists visit

The view from Óbidos is stunning

Every year òbidos hosts a Medieval Festival for two weeks in July and August. There is also a very popular Chocolate fair and Christmas Market.

When we had visited Óbidos we went to beautiful Foz do Arelho which is very close to the farm.
almost empty beaches

Anders and I are watching the waves

surfers in the water

a lonely surf board

beautiful Foz

kite surfing

we had time for a beer

Anders is very happy after his beer

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