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tisdag 29 oktober 2013

riding again

Today I went riding again. That means that Pontus, the horse i am borrowing is getting better. He has been resting for almost a month now, since he was lame in a hoof. He has been getting anti inflammation medicine so today it was walking gently for 20 minutes.

Also today I have updated my very rusty knowledge in CPR. It was a very good course and many things had changed since I last did it. I am getting a diploma and it is good to have these skills when we are getting the farm.

The big storm that was heading in over Goteborg last night ended up to be smaller than a fart. I had even forgotten a crate in my garden. The crate was standing up against a tree. It was still standing this morning so this storm Simone didn´t make a big mess as predicted.

Tomorrow it is yet another lesson at my Portuguese language course so I have some studying to do tomorrow afternoon.

Now it is time to say goodnight


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