måndag 21 oktober 2013

No farm!

I went to Portugal to get a vineyard and got home without one.

Well there will be, hopefully, a vineyard in the end but just not yet. As it turned out the paperwork on the farm wasn´t ready. We found out two days before signing the deed which is really bad. The sellers didn´t know anything either. There is a quite big cottage on the premises which is used for holiday lets. It is one of the most popular ones and it is often fully booked. This one turned out to been built without permission so this has to be cleared in City Hall before they can finish the paper work.

We were in Portugal, had fixed the money and were ready to sign. BUT NO.

I am still trying to keep my hopes up and are going to tell about my trip to Portugal.

Me and my neighbour Anders on the bus from Goteburg to Copenhagen

The we took a plane from Copenhagen to Lisbon. The plane was on time and we were met by Lasse and the rental car. We arrived late and the sight which met us was wonderful. The other of our friends who had arrived earlier had lit a big fire in the barbecue house and they had set a beautiful table with cheeses, prociutto, melon, tomatoes from the farm salads, you name it. Of course we drank our own wine, white and red. Then it was time for bed after a long day. Anders had caught a cold on the plane down and wasn´t feeling very well either so it was surely time for rest.

Earlier the same day, just before we had arrived they had harvested the red grapes as well, so we missed the harvest by a day.Damn! But below are some pictures from this harvest anyway.

loading the tractor with empty buckets

beautiful morning

getting more buckets


a lot of grapes

bringing the grapes to the adega

pressing the grapes

eating and drinking for hours after the work is done

To be continued


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  1. It was amazing to be part of the harvest, it was hard work but hopfully the result will be great