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torsdag 20 mars 2014

Our place in the sun

some of our vines

We started many years ago to dream about something else. We wanted to be together more but the few hours of spare time we could share. Lasse is working so many hours and is travelling a lot and spending quite many nights away from home.

We dreamt of something else, owning our own time. We stil wanted to work so ir wasn´t a retirement we were dreaming of. To sip drinks by the pool (well sometimes) and play golf all day long just isn´t our thing. We wanted a piece of land with grapevines or olive trees, a few fruit trees and some cottages or apartments to let to holiday makers.

We spent many years searching in Greece and Italy. Our choice became Portugal. The prices were right, the people friendly and the climate not too hot in the summers but mainly because of the vineyard I found on the web. The quinta seemed to be too good to be true. We had to go to Portugal to see it irl. Of course it couldn´t be as good as it looked in the pictures. But it was only better.

Of course it is a bit run down and need quite much TLC but Lasse has to have something to do. hahahaha.

Normally working but here he is resting
We fell in love with the farm the very instant we laid eyes on it. The views, the potential to make something wonderful of. So close to Lisbon, beaches, golf and many cultural sights.Also the possibilities to have animals was interesting. It had 4 apartments to let, 120 fruit trees and 2200 vines.
our grapes ready to be crushed

We can keep chickens
beaches near by

Now it is final. we have signed and we are so happy.

If you are interested to rent an aparment contact us or visit our Facebook page.

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