söndag 16 mars 2014

26 days and riding

Today it is Sunday and on Sundays I borrow a horse, a nordsvensk named Pontus.
He is quite old now and a very relaxed guy. There isn´t much that scares him and if i am lost in the woods he finds his way home. He has his own ways and doesn´t always do what I want. His hoofs are so big and he tramples away quite happily without minding where he puts his hoofs.

Now it is 26 days until the move and we started on a list of to do:s before I/we go. There are so many things you must remember. Service on the saab, new tires for the same, buy things like a flight cage for dogs, a skibox and many many other things.

It hasn´t really hit me yet but my dream is actually coming true. I am leaving cold and dark Sweden for a warmer climate. Well it is very light outside now in Sweden and it is getting lighter and brighter each day, but the winters oooooh my.

happy and relaxed in the sun
Got to go


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