lördag 15 mars 2014

27 days and a tick

If I am correct and the deal is signed on Tuesday I will move to another country in 27 days. Now the butterflies in my stomach really started their big dance. There are still so many things to do before this could be a reality.

My old Saab needs service. If it is going to take us 3250 km it will definitely need some TLC.

We need to buy a skibox so we can bring a lot of things.

We need to arrange some kind of transport for the rest of the stuff eg. clothes and furniture.

Alert all the authorities.

Throw away, sort out more things. We cannot bring everything and the property in Portugal comes with some furniture, pots and cutlery.

Breathe, breathe

Today we are going to a friends house for a brunch and we are all bringing something to eat. We got an egg dish so I am .starting with that right away. I am going to make two different oven omelettes with shrimps on one and a morel sauce on the other. Hopefully they will turn out well.

Found a nasty big thick on the floor. So now it has started, the tick season. I need to get tick protection remedy for the dogs asap.

I will write more this afternoon if I have the time.


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