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måndag 17 mars 2014

25 days

I´ve got a long lists of things I have to do before I go. There are also so many people I want to see and say good bye to, at least for a while. I might be back soon enough but you never know.

I am currently working on my list to get it a bit shorter but I keep adding things. There are so many things to think of before you move abroad.

Our old dog, the one who is soon 12 years, is loosing its vitality. He is simply getting old and these last weeks it has become noticeable. He is getting thinner and thinner, loosing a lot of muscles, has got arthritis and cataract. We have been discussing back and forth whether bring him or not. The thing is I cannot stand leaving Sweden without him. He is simply to dear to me.

Got a mail from our lawyer tonight. There will be no signing of the deed tomorrow. Our tourist licence is ready to be collected but it will take another few days before the deed is ready to be signed. It is very disappointing but there isn´t much we can do about it.

We´ll see when the new date is set.

Tomorrow I am bringing transport cages to Landvetter airport. I am bringing them to a lady who is going to take them to Spain. Then she is returning to Sweden on Saturday with three dogs in them. :-)

Now it is time to go to bed


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