fredag 14 mars 2014


There have been so many twists and turns when it comes to buying this property so I can´t remember them all. But now we have reached an agreement, at least yesterday. So Tuesday next week we are hopefully signing. We were supposed to sign before March 15 but it is a Saturday and today our lawyer was busy so Monday or Tuesday next week it is. Hopefully.

The vendors had to reduce the price because of a cottage on the premises that wasn´t approved by the City Hall. We have to demolish that cottage and build another one. That work will start immediately after the vendima, wine harvest. During the summer we will have some guests and we don´t want to start on a big building project with all that noise when they are here. Then there is the harvest and that will keep us busy for a couple of weeks so after that it will be perfect.

Our house here in Sweden is sold. We signed yesterday but the buyers will take over in June-July. So right now it feels like everything is falling into place. We will see for sure next week. We are not settled or counting on anything until the vineyard is signed over to us.

Now I´m off to have a massage. My body is aching and so stiff everything hurts.

Get back this afternoon if I have the time.


2 kommentarer:

  1. Hi!

    I'm a portuguese (unemployed) mom just about to change my life completly but not in such a extreme way you are...anyway, found the blog, just wanted to wich you all the best in this great place to live and make dreams come true.

    All the best, I'll be checking your blog from time to time and hope to find it more and more sunny and smily.


    1. Thanks a lot. It is hard to imagine what our new life will be like but we are sure it will be wonderful.
      All the best for you to i your new life.