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söndag 16 mars 2014

hoofs or hooves

Oh my god. When I was out riding it suddenly struck me that I had misspelled plural of hoof when I wrote my entry this morning. I started to think calf-calves, half-halves, hoof- hoofs (?) Why did I write hoofs? It must be wrong but it looked right to me. I shiver went down my spine. How embarrassing me being an English teacher.

When I got home I looked it up and both varieties hoofs-hooves are correct. Puh! What a relief.

I had a beautiful ride on The wonderful horse Pontus. The weather was wonderful and I took a trail I hadn´t ridden for a while and only once before. When I was in the middle of the woods there was a big part where heavy machines had taken down all trees and I couldn´t find the trail. I turned back to try to find another trail but there was none. I turned back again and let Pontus find the way and so he did. It was a really hard path but Pontus did it. Steady as a rock he went through the forest like a small tractor. He is just the best to be lost on.

Now it is evening and we are awaiting Tuesday anxiously. Then the deed will be signed. Wish us luck please.

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